Investigators to perform Exhumations at Three Locations in BiH

Investigators from the Institute for Missing Persons (INO) of BiH, together with other members of the exhumation team and under the leadership of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, will today perform exhumations at three locations in BiH in search of the remains of victims of the past war. INO BiH spokeswoman Emza Fazlić told Feni that exhumations were underway for three days at the Malešići site in the Ilijaš municipality, where at least three victims of the past war were being searched for. “In this case, the remains of three members of a Bosniak family are wanted, who, according to the information we have, were killed in 1992 and buried at that location. Since a larger area is being excavated at that site, the search for the bodies will most likely take a few days, “said Fazlić, adding that only some clothes have been found so far. At the same time, an exhumation is underway at a site in the Modriča municipality, which, according to the BiH Institute for Missing Persons, should contain the body of a victim of the past war, most likely a Bosniak who died in 1992. In the morning, the exhumation will begin at the Popovo Osoje site, which is located in the Zavidovići municipality. Fazlic says that mortal remains were noticed on this site in the earlier period, which are presumed to belong to the victim of Serbian nationality who died at that site in 1995. At this place, the terrain will be dug in detail today. All exhumations are carried out by order of the Court of BiH and under the direction of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

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