Invention of Students from Zenica: Orthopedic Plaster Casts for Body Fractures will be past

Students from Zenica have developed a prototype of immobilization which should completely replace a plaster cast in the future, which is now used in medicine in case of physical fractures.

The idea of this scientific work is to promote the development of a new immobilizing agent called the “Exo Medic”, which would replace the traditional medical gypsum, and which is entirely made of recycled materials.

“We found this unique solution through a research, and it will make the life of our patients easier in the future in comparison to now when plaster casts are used for certain fractures and injuries. This immobilization tool was obtained through the 3D printer by printing a scanned body part with the fracture. What is special about it is that it is made of already recycled PET materials, which are returned to the recycling system after the use, which means reduced pollution. It is also important to mention that the cost of making new immobilizations is minimal,” said Adi Hadzic, coordinator of the project.

There is no waste in using this type of immobilization.

Hadzic also noted that this product has numerous advantages, from a simple application and easy treatment to great savings. The production itself achieves savings since its cost is up to two times less than the traditional methods of handling fractures, and in the terms of staff, fewer people are involved in the production so savings are made there as well.

“A product like this is a product of the future and it will find its purpose in medicine for sure, thanks to numerous benefits it brings. One of them is that it is less heavy than plaster cast and thus, it is not creating additional load on the body, it is easier for use in terms of hygiene due to its skeletal structure and it allows the application of medicines as well as the application of electronic aids for muscle contraction in order for the atrophy to be prevented and the fracture to heal faster,” said Hadzic.

Its price on the market will be much smaller in comparison to the current price of plaster casts and the price will depend on the part of the body and the degree of injury.

“Our goal is for the entire healthcare system in our country, and beyond, to accept this type of a medical treatment, which, besides making great savings, enables us to have a healthier environment as well,” concluded Hadzic.

(Source: akta.ba)

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