Interview with Mr. Gorstak, a professional Photographer: “Each Photograph carries a Story and a Message”

Almedin Handanovic Gorstak, a professional photographer, was born in Sanski Most and spent most of his life in the native Hrustovo; a village located below the Mountain Mulez in the east and the Mountain Grmec in the west, nearby the river Sana. For himself, he says that he was a child of nature … Moreover, he continues his introduction by saying that his love for photography, which he has brought with him to the capital Sarajevo, started there.

You are a keen photographer. How did you get to where you are today? Do you have any interesting stories to share with our readers?

With the arrival of first cell phones with a camera, my journey began in the world of photography. Of course, I was as an amateur and I photographed just for a hobby at first. I learned about photography by taking photos.  After a while I became aware that I could do better if I had a camera. In a short time, I bought two cameras and then people started to recognize me as a professional photographer.

While taking photographs in the city I’m trying to be unimpressive and unobtrusive – and by doing this, I am sometimes missing some very interesting stories. But I would often point out a question that many followers ask me on my Instagram profile: “How do you manage to breathe soul into every photo?” My answer is always the same, “photography is art of all the books you’ve read, from fairy tales to novels, to all the movies you’ve watched, from drama to comedy, to music you’ve heard, from ballads to canons, to all the love you have, happy and unhappy.”

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Can you single out some of your favorite photographs?

I could single out a lot of photographs, especially those of the capital Sarajevo, because each one carries a story and a message, but I would single out one, with a strong message – a very important message.

Dear Parents, do not let your child suffer from a lack of nature!

Majority of your photographs show Sarajevo, the capital of BiH. Why is it so?


I am living in Sarajevo for the past 10 years, and even in the first days, by visiting and getting to know the city, I felt “the spirit of Sarajevo” and that fascinated me. When walking from Otoka settlement to the old part of Sarajevo Bascarsija, it seemed to me like I’m walking in the history of our whole region and even wider. History and multiculturalism, that is what I try to outline in my photographs.

What are your plans for the next five years?

All former plans, in the world of photography, started to be greatly realized and I hope that it will continue. I have one more wish and that is a large exhibition in the Vijecnica City Hall. I hope that after 5 years I can say that my wish came true.

All the ones interested in following this talented photographer can see his photos here.

Interview by Zejna SY, photographs Almedin Gorstak



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