Interreligious Council of BiH sent a message of congratulation for the New Year

Interreligious Council of BiH has sent a message of congratulation for the New Year to citizens of BiH, with wishes that BiH enters into better and nicer days of the European future and stability.

”Let us be as God has created us, let us be close to each other. Let us move on the path of peace, truth, progress and prosperity. Let us pray to God that he gives peace, health and good life to all believers and to all citizens of BiH” – said the Interreligious Council in the message of congratulation

”Feeling the woes of our society, we, as religious leaders, cannot be indifferent to social problems and troubles, which are, unfortunately, our everyday life” , said the Cardinal-Archbishop of Vrhbosna His Eminence Vinko Puljić, mufti of Sarajevo Husejin Smajić, bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina Grigorije and the president of the Jewish Community in BiH Jakob Finci.

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