Internet – an Opportunity for a Good Business in BiH

July 17, 2017 8:30 AM

There are more and more job opportunities offered on the Internet every day. At the same time, the number of frauds is on the increase as well. Damir Basic, who is creating animations for clients from all over the world, talked about how to find or create a job on the Internet.

He found and created the opportunity to do what he likes on the Internet. He started an animation studio and he is now cooperating with clients from all around the world. He is making deals for jobs on the Internet, and Damir also communicates with his colleagues who live in other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same way as well.

“We do not have to see each other, we communicate via e-mail, and currently we have a client in America, and we send to America everything we do, and I do not even know how these people look, but everything is going perfectly. They sent a request for a job, we replied that we can meet their needs and now everything works just fine,” stated Damir Basic.

The Internet is also responsible for what Damir is doing today. As an engineer of architecture, he decided to sit down one day and learn how to do animations, in which he succeeded. He stated that anything can be learned or achieved on the Internet.

Damir also stated that there is a number of platforms on the Internet where you can offer your product or services, and thus introduce yourself to your future customers. He also added that for success is necessary to choose what you really want to do.

In the time when it is talked a lot about the different effects of the Internet on our society and an increasing number of frauds, this network should be used in a productive way,” stated Damir. He says that he learned that the possibilities of the Internet are infinite from his personal and the experience of his colleagues, but that it is crucial to decide what to choose.

(Source: N1)



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