International Swimming Marathon This Weekend at Buško Lake

PlivanjeOrganized by the Association of Citizens ‘Dobri Ljudi’, on Sunday, 21 July on the beach Grabovica at Buško Lake the fifth international swimming marathon will be held.

The marathon will be divided in three races that, according to Adis Zahirović from the Organizing Committee, the most interesting part is 5.000 meters, which is intended for professionals and top amateur swimmers, while for beginners and for those who wish to try distance swimming the race will be 2.500 meters.

There will be a 300 meter race for youth.

“Our wish is for Buško Lake to become a location that will be recognized for its great opportunities for swimming, surfing and sailing. We hope that our guests and competitors will realized this value and convey the message to places they visit’’, said Zahirović.

Organizers of the swimming marathon hope that many of their citizens will recognize themselves in these activities, and contribute to improving culture through social activities such as volunteering and sport.

Visitors will have the chance to mingle with contestants in the Eco-Village Grabovica that is, along with the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sports of the Herzegovina Canton, Municipality Tomislavgrad, HT Eronet and Violeta is the co-organizer of this event.

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