International Monitoring Operation BiH census: creation of the electronic database completed, but preparations for remaining steps should intensify

censusThe International Monitoring Operation (IMO) for the 2013 Population and Housing Census in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has assessed the state of the processing and preparations for publication of the first results. The data was collected during the enumeration held in October 2013. The IMO was established by the European Commission in 2009, upon invitation of the Council of Ministers of BiH to ensure that the Census preparations and implementation comply with European and international standards. The IMO is composed of representatives of: Eurostat, chairing the Management Group, European Commission Directorate-General for Enlargement, CoE (Council of Europe), UNSD (United Nations Statistics Division) and UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe).

Based on the assessment of the Steering Committee of census experts, the IMO, chaired by Mr Pieter Everaers, Director at EUROSTAT and responsible for Statistical Cooperation with Enlargement Countries, highlights the successful scanning and processing leading to the creation of the electronic database from the questionnaires.

The IMO acknowledges the work performed during this phase and recognizes that substantial efforts were successfully undertaken to ensure quality and professional independence during this part of the process in accordance with recommendations made by the Steering Committee. This marks the completion of another milestone of the census operation.

However, the IMO also wants to emphasize that the activities related to the remaining steps of the census should intensify in order to allow the publication of the first results before summer 2015. In particular, the IMO urges the statistical institutions in BiH to complete the data processing, including finalizing the rules for editing and coding of the census data as well as processing of the Post Enumeration Survey data. The IMO encourages the statistical institutions to further work together efficiently and quickly adopt a plan for timely and efficient dissemination of first results reaching all potential users.

Considering the importance of the census results for BiH, the IMO counts on the continued commitment of the BiH authorities and good cooperation among the statistical offices throughout the remaining phases of the census operation.

A list of more detailed technical recommendations from the IMO will be sent to the BiH authorities via the report on the 20th assessment mission following the IMO mission.



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