International Friendship Festival in Goražde From 9-16 August

Goražde-panorama1The 16th international friendship festival will be held in Goražde from 9-16 August, announced at Organizing Committee of the Festival a few days ago.

A significant portion of the program will take place in front of the city hall in Goražde. It was announced that there will be evenings of pop-rock music by groups Regina, Letu štuke, Aleksandrija, Selma Adžem with band, two bands from France, several local groups, and a soloist performance by Romana Panić.

There will be a rich festival of folk music. An integral part of this festival will be the international art colony ‘colors of friendship’, where there will also be an exhibition of works created during last year’s gathering of artists.

There will be three theatre performances and two film screenings.

There will be a number of exhibitors from the region showcasing traditional crafts at a fair.

There will be two literary matinees and three book promotions as part of the literary program.

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