International Conference on Protection From Fires Starts Tomorrow in Sarajevo

zastita-od-pozaraThe B&H Ministry of Security is organizing a two-day international conference on the topic ‘Protection from fires as part of integrated system of protection and rescue, which begins tomorrow in Sarajevo.

The conference is organized in cooperation with the company EFECTIS Group, Institute for protection from fires and explosions-INZA from Sarajevo and with the support of the NATO headquarters in Sarajevo, UNDP in B&H and DEMA (Agency for management in emergency situations of the Kingdom of Denmark).

Bearing in mind the current situation in the area of the protection from fires as a part of the integrated system of protection and rescue in B&H and the current problems, the conference is being held in order to improve the functionality and optimization of a fast response system in situations of natural or other disasters, in accordance with the conclusions of the first platform to reduce the risk of natural or other disasters in B&H.

The conference will have a plenary and working part organized through several sessions on various topics, with around 200 representatives of institutions, organizations and structures for protection in B&H, embassies and international organizations in B&H and countries in the region.

(Source: Fena)

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