International Competition on Performance of Sacred Music in Rome

dzenana-huseinagicRecently, the international conference in the performance of sacred music was held in Rome, and prof. spec. Dženana Huseinagić (soprano) was the only competitor from B&H. Of the 1050 competitors who registered, Dženana was accepted and was the shortlisted among the 40 best who applied, and later on among the top 20.

The competition was held in the church on the famous Piazza dell Popolo, the Church S. Maria Montesanto, and in the church that is found on Piazza della Minerva called the Church of St. Maria S. Minerva.

This is the only competition of its kind in the world, and given the age range of the participants that could register, from 22-37, the B&H participant was among the youngest.


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