International Community must stop the Referendum in the RS?

plenkovicPresident of HDZ Andrej Plenković assessed that improving the position of Croats in BiH and the stable BiH that progresses towards the EU is a strategic interest of the Republic of Croatia, which is why he called the statement by the President of SDP Zoran Milanović about BiH harmful. Plenković invited the international community to stop the referendum announced by the authorities of Republika Srpska.

Plenković emphasized the support of Croatia for the reforms of the Constitution of BiH based on the values that are defined with the resolution of the European Parliament from 2014, which calls for the protection of rights and equality of all three constituent nations in BiH. plenković said that the rights of Croats in BiH and the unity of BiH are strategic foreign policy issues for Croatia.

“Rights of Croats and survival of the unified Bosnia and Herzegovina is the foreign policy issue number one for Croatia. BiH must become a functional country, with full equality for all three constituent nations and citizens. That is why the constitutional reform is necessary, grounded on the principles of federalism, decentralization, subsidiarity and legitimate representation, as prescribed by the resolution of the European Parliament,” Plenković added.

Plenković condemned the announced referendum in Republika Srpska, stating that it represents a threat to the sovereignty and unity of BiH, as well as to peace and stability of this region, which is why he urged the international community to oppose to this move.

“This referendum undoubtedly brings into question the peace and stability of the entire region because it is not excluded that referendum in September will serve as an overture for a referendum on secession of Republika Srpska,” said Plenković.

Plenković added that the fact that referendum on the Day of RS will be held at the time when EU intends to send a questionnaire to BiH that would enable the country to obtain the status of a candidate for membership in the EU might jeopardize its aspirations.

Plenković highlighted that the Republic of Croatia will closely monitor the development of events around the referendum and do whatever they can to protect the rights of Croat nation under those circumstances.

(Source: klix.ba)

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