International Art Colony in Počitelj

Počitelj_-_panoInternational art colony in Počitelje will host on 21st July 26 artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Cyprus, Polish, German and South Korea.

The Association of Artists of BiH (ULUBiH), as organizers will try to ensure to participants good working conditions, and besides working part, artists will be able to visit the old town of Mostar, an ancient complex Mogorjelo, necropolis of tombstones in Radimlja, the Buna in Blagaj and other curiosities.

The beginning of the 49th Art Colony will mark the ceremonial presentation of the sculpture “Čuvari” which is precisely made for this occasion and donated from a member of ULUBiH, sculptor Adis Fejzić who has been living in Australia for the past eight years. 

‘’With a little fear, I accepted the request of Admir Mujkić, President of ULUBiH, to write a few words about the last gift that my good friend, and a BiH and Australian sculptor Adis Fejzić gave to Počitelj to Herzegovina and to the world, sculpture or, more precisely, sculptural complex called “Čuvari”. The reason for my concern was the fact that for the contemporary sculpture does not possess an overly professional knowledge”, he said, among other things, following the unveiling of the sculpture Gorčin Dizdar on behalf of ULUBiH.

His doubts were gone when a few weeks ago “Čuvari” was in the courtyard Počitelj Art Colony.

During the colony the monodrama of  Haris Burin “Ćorkan” will be played. 

Art Collection Počitelj colonies will be richer for forty new artistic works, that next year, on the occasion of the first March, the Independence Day, to be presented in Sarajevo gallery “Roman Petrović”  at the exhibition “Story of Počitelj.”

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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