International Archival Conference on World War I Began in Sarajevo

June 29, 2014 11:00 AM

sarajevo assasinationThe International archival conference named “WWI: Reflection from behind the front lines” began yesterday in Sarajevo. The conference is a part of the program of marking centenary of the World War I and Sarajevo assassination.


Gathering in the capital city of BiH is an opportunity to elaborate the issue of archival material which refers to events before, during and after the World War I. In addition, it will be beneficial to exchange opinions and information and to present documentation which “speaks” of Sarajevo assassination.


Participants of the international conference were welcomed by representatives of the International Centre for Archival ‎Research – ICARUS, Croatian State Archives and Archivist Society of BiH – Csaba T. Reisz, Jozo Ivanović and Izet Šabotić. They emphasized the importance of approach to archival material, as an instrument in reviewing past events, processes and instances.


Additionally, they emphasized that the aim of the Conference is not to deal with causes and consequences of World War I, but in the first place to point through several presentations to the role of archives in preservation of archival material – documents without which it is not possible to approach quality reconstruction of events from the past.


At the same time, they said that they believe the Conference and presented works will contribute to clearer and more specific review of events and processes related to World War I and Sarajevo assassination. Also, they pointed to importance of collective memory, that is, extremely important cultural heritage which is preserved in archives of BiH, neighboring countries and beyond.


Participant of the Conference Dušan Vržina appealed to researchers in BiH and across the world on behalf of Archives of BiH, whose material was partly destroyed or damaged, to deliver copies of documents from this Archive if they have them, so the invaluable treasure would be preserved.


Exhibition of photographs “Sarajevo Assassination” was opened within the international archival conference “WWI: Reflection from behind the frontlines”.


The organizers of the conference, in addition to Archives of BH, are the Historical Archive of Sarajevo, archival associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian State Archives and ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research).


(Source: Fena/Photo Oslobodjenje)

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