Interesting Story: Qur’an printed in Cyrillic in BiH

The first translation of the Qur’an in the Western Balkans in Cyrillic was printed in the State Printing House of the Kingdom of Serbia, back in 1895.

121 years later, the Qur’an in Cyrillic was printed in BiH as well.

“Printing a translation of the Qur’an in the Cyrillic alphabet and Serbian language by Mico Ljubibratic is an idea that we got within marking the opening of Ferhadija mosque. Mico Ljubibratic was the first man who translated the Qur’an into the language of some of the people who lived here,” said Osman ef. Kozlic, Mufti of Banja Luka.

Author of the first Quran in Cyrillic was Mico Ljubibratic, an Orthodox priest and rebel, who fought against the Ottoman rule in Herzegovina.

Reprint of his translation was published by the Sarajevo Svjetlost back in 1990, and the new edition in Cyrillic is prepared by Publishing Centre of the Islamic Community in Sarajevo – El Kalem.



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