Interesting Story of a Bosnian who survived 15 million worth Bankruptcy

A book of life contains both sweet and bitter pages. Nihad Softic from BiH felt this truth on his professional journey. He owned the company “IT Computers” back in 2009, had 500 employees and 60 stores all over BiH. However, one of the most successful BH businessman experienced 15 million worth bankruptcy.

He said that he lost a huge fortune almost overnight and he was left without anything. However, both difficult days and depression did not stay in his life for long. Nihad decided to face the new situation and searched for an exit. He managed to find it.

Five years later, he established a multidisciplinary school called “School and School”, which gathers children from 6 to 18 years of age. Participants of this school work on discovering their talents and passion for a particular discipline through specially designed programs and technical sciences, and the main aim of this school is to make them easier to choose an academic and professional career in the future. This unique institution is dedicated to find the best in every child, and it is a place where people believe in education and designing the better tomorrow.

To have such a large business empire, and then be left without anything can break even the strongest persons. How did the bankruptcy happen to you and how did you manage to find your way to keep going?

“I was always looking for more. “More” meant searching and trying out the limits of my own possibilities. Money meant nothing to me for a long time. I had enough money, maybe even too much. I was too confident in myself and my power of creation. Life was not easy for me, but it taught me that great defeats hide the greatest victory, risks hide gains, life dramas hide maturity, the experience hides wisdom. Moreover, I learned that we often forget that luck is made of temptation, humiliation and loss. However, only those who know how to leave everything behind, except the dream that they want to realize, succeed in the end.

Today, when I look at all of that from a completely different perspective, I am convinced that this failure was the best thing that could happen to me. It is important to forgive, raise your head and continue living and enjoying your life.”

Where did you find the comfort, and how did you find the way to a new success?

“I found the comfort in reading and writing. Therefore, I engaged my mind and pushed all the dark thoughts away”.

How important is positive energy and our will to live, even spite, in overcoming a difficult period?

“I’ve travelled the whole world, I read and wrote thousands of pages, led great wars within myself, searched for the answers to the question:”Who am I?” At the end, I found the answer in one single place. In my heart. When a man loses everything, then only thing left is a new beginning. When you learn to enjoy small and invisible things again, that means that you finally started living again. When you start living consciously, that means that you are finally free. And when you become free, that means that you finally found your heart. And when you find your heart, that means that you are ready to fly again. A personal drama in life is just like a storm on the sea or in the sky.

However, all those restless periods stop when the heart of sky, sea and man say, “It is enough.” That is a springboard of life, when you realize that the only thing left to do after the fall is to fly again.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)








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