Interesting Story: Bosnians in Mecca prepared Traditional Sweet Halva

There are 1,680 pilgrims from Bosnia and Herzegovina among the two and a half million Muslims who celebrate Eid al-Adha this year during the pilgrimage to Mecca and although some pilgrims will say that Eid in Makkah is the most beautiful, at the same time, at least for most of our pilgrims, it is unusual in many ways.

After spending the previous day at Mount Arafat and spending the night in the Hajj rituals at Muthelifa and Mina, the pilgrims spend most part of the first day of Eid relaxing.

What they most certainly miss is the family-friendly Eid atmosphere. In order to feel at least part of the Bosnian Eid atmosphere in Mecca, women pilgrims tried to do make a similar atmosphere, and days earlier, they had taught the chefs of the hotel how to make Bosnian halva, Federal News Agency reports.

The good hosts made a surprise for them and served Bosnian halva, and our women pilgrims did not find it difficult to bring some lokum and baklava from BiH.

And so the halva, several gourabias, locums, and baklava caused happiness among our pilgrims.

They said with a smile on their face that this Eid is special to them, but that there is no Eid anywhere like in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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