Interesting Story: Bosnian Alpinist Armin Gazic was paralyzed, but climbs Mountains again!


Experienced Bosnian alpinist Armin Gazic almost lost his life because of only one mistake. However, he says that in sports “defeat” is sometimes a useful thing for man to “rethink”. His fall from fifty meters (the equivalent of the 15th floor) hardly anyone would survive, but Armin did.

And not only that. He fully recovered and returned to conquering mountain peaks. In February 2014, he won the peak Veliki Osobac on Prenj Mountain when he got severely injured.

This young man from Zenica made his first mountain climbing steps as 12 years old in the Extreme Sports Club “Scorpio”. Armin also flew with paraglide, something that most of his peers only saw on photos and movies. Day by day, the adrenaline was increasing, as well as the desire for winning of what seemed impossible.

“Accident on Prenj Mountain taught me not to plan anything on the long run, to appreciate life more and everything that it brings, and to think more about my next moves,” said Armin.

It took him less than two hours from the fall to be in a medical facility, thanks to the Mountain Rescue Services, the Armed Forces, and his colleagues’ climbers. Two years later, he says that the preparation and the training that people like him go through, saved his life. And not only his.

Armin returned to the mountains at the beginning of 2015. Although he could not move the previous year, he was in wheelchairs, by power of the will, mental and physical preparedness and determination Armin rehabilitated both his body, and spirit. Just a year and a half after the accident, he won the highest peak of Europe Elbrus in the Caucasus.

– After the accident, I had to learn to walk again in my twenties. With the help of my family, girlfriend and physicians, I proved that it is possible,” said Armin.

Armin was winning the famous peaks before the accident as well. A year before the accident, in 2013, he was one of the youngest conquerors of northern rock Matterhorn. Armin and his colleague Haris Kalajdzisalihovic achieved historical success for B&H back than by conquering the most demanding peak in the Alps, thus becoming the first climbers from B&H who won this peak.

Admir is currently finishing his master studies at the Faculty of Criminology in Sarajevo, and he is working as the business associate for security in a specialized agency. He said about himself that he loves and lives for every moment spent in nature, clean air, and he recommends it for everyone.


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