Interesting Story about Russian Couple who moved to Sarajevo

Originally from distant Russia, the family of Mayya Kurbanova moved to Sarajevo in the summer of 2014.

The decision to move with three children to BiH Mayya made together with her husband Artem Avenessian. This big step in their life was also influenced by the moment when Mayya first tried Bosnian food and when her cousin, who was in Sarajevo, told her what kind of country is BiH.

“We wanted to raise our children in the natural environment and eat healthy, to start a business, and we recognized the opportunity for all of this right here,” recalled Kurbanova.

“In relation to Russia, which is a big country, it is interesting here that you can arrive everywhere in just a few minutes, and you can even get to the sea in just a few hours. The people here are so friendly, open. And most important to us is that we are surrounded by nature,” said Kurbanova.

“We are one real international family. Now we are learning the Bosnian language together, and children are attending primary school. After the Turkish language, which they also like, dearest language for them is Bosnian. The Turkish language is gentle, and the Bosnian is so full of beautiful words. I often hear words “love”, “dear”, “honey”. We use these terms only for particularly close persons, and people here talk to me like that on daily basis, that’s wonderful,” said Mayya, adding that the first time she came to BiH she heard the phrase ‘welcome’ and it was love at first sight.

“I want to start my own business, I want to do the job that I was educated for, and I want to continue the work I started in Moscow. My goal is to introduce my clothing line to Bosnian women, a special fashion, quality pieces of clothing, what these women deserve,” she explained.

This couple says they were very well received in BH society, stating that in Russia say that BiH is the heart of Europe.

“BiH is a rich country with such a rich history, and with a lot of quality. Bosnians are full of patience, they want to work and to make a good environment for their family. They still have a lot to learn about themselves and to promote their country,” concluded Kurbanova.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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