Interesting Story: 130 Years Old Forge Workshop

April 2, 2018 1:00 PM

Back in the year of 1889, in the village Medjas near Kalesija, near the main road Tuzla – Zvornik, Mehmed Besic opened a blacksmith workshop. Back then, it probably did not even occur to him that his workshop would survive for 130 years, and that his descendants would work there and make their living. Mehmed was succeeded by his son Mustafa, then grandson Muharem, and now his grand grandsons Damir and Belmir are working in the forge workshop.

Damir said that, as far as he knows, there is no older forge workshop in Tuzla Canton that is working in traditional way, that is, by using blacksmith fire and hammer.

According to him, their workshop has been renovated, but its look remained authentic. There are numerous antiquities on the walls and shelves of the workshop, and they are carefully collecting them, which is why their forge now looks a bit like a museum.

“This craft is just beautiful and I loved it ever since I was a little child. I always knew that I would become a blacksmith one day. We got educated and thought other crafts that helped us a lot in this business,” said Damir.

He said that there is enough work and that he is very satisfied, because the quality of the traditionally made product cannot be compared with anything else.

According to him, a lot of energy and strength are required for this job, but it is not difficult if it is done with love. He says that around three hours are needed for making an axe, but everything depends on its size.

“This attracts our customers. It is interesting for people to see all of this, and older people come with a certain kind of nostalgia, because they had the opportunity to see how it was done before,” stated Damir, and added that people from the Diaspora are often their customers.

(Source: Photo: V. Hasanbegovic)




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