Interesting News: Medieval Sword found in the Rock in Vrbas River (video)


The medieval sword, recently found in a rock in the Vrbas River near Banja Luka, was pulled from the water, according to Ivana Pandzic, a diver archaeologist. Pandzic says the sword is in excellent condition and that they have already begun the first phase of sword protection before transportation.

“Only the tip of the sword that was stabbed in the rock is slightly damaged and it is missing a small part of the tip. The sword will now be transported to the Museum of Republika Srpska entity, and with us today is a colleague from the Institute for Conservation in Belgrade, who immediately joined the protection,” said Pandzic, eKapija news portal reports.

It is a medieval sword found by the Diving Club Buk in the river Vrbas. After it was discovered, the divers contacted the RS Museum and immediately began the preparation of expert extraction, planning of conservation and restoration, as well as an exhibition.

The discovery of a single-handed or bastard sword in the riverbed of the Vrbas River is a significant archeological discovery since in the past ninety years, in the territory of the city of Banja Luka, only one medieval sword was discovered and it was very damaged. It is now preserved in the Medieval Collection weapons and armor.

The experts date the sword from the last quarter of the 13th to the first half of the 15th century, based on a typological analysis of the blade and the incision and the apple of the sword, Federal News Agency reports.

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