Interesting: Concert held in Vilina Cave in Travnik

A unique event was organized in the Vilina Cave in the village near Novi Travnik with the aim of enriching the tourist offer of the municipality.

For the first time in this area, the professors and students of the Middle School Musical School, Jakov Gotovac from Novi Travnik, held a magical concert in the heart of the cave.

In the magical ambience, the song and the sound of guitar, where twenty volunteers and mountaineers enjoyed the concert.

Professor Andrijana Loncarevic, one of the organizers of the concert, said that the concert in the cave is a great challenge for every musician because of the acoustics and the authentic appearance of space.

“We came up with the idea of launching a new concert for the 70th birthday of Novi Travnik in the cave and we prepared a project with which we applied for participation within the Municipality Day, which, unfortunately, and a great surprise, the authorities in the municipality did not recognize and did not support,” said Loncarevic. Without financial support, but with great and selfless help of the members of the KUK Mountain Association and several volunteers, they dropped into the cave and for the first time held such a concert. At the concert, there were professors Živan Kuzmanović and Ivan Dujmović, professors Gordana Mišković and Andrijana Lončarević, also Melika Klisura, Andreja Obradović, Ana Šuta, Maja Mišković, Ema Blažević and Hadis Čakić, news portal reports.

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