Interest of Arab Tourists in BiH increased

12721789_1743126099257400_1665072291_nAt the International Sarajevo Airport yesterday landed plane by Air Arabia that will fly from Sarajevo to Sharjah four times a week. The interest of this company is to bring more tourists from Arab countries in BiH, and to get gulf countries closer to BiH citizens.

Around 10 Arabs came with this promotional flight from Sharjah to Sarajevo. In recent years, they are coming in much larger groups, mainly from Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman. Despite the visa regime, around 5,000 tourists came from Saudi Arabia to BiH in the last year.

They are building houses and residential complexes in BiH. They call our tourist beauty paradise. Due to water, vegetation, cultural heritage, more of them is yet to come. Open direct airline Sarajevo – Sharjah will enable Arabs to come in BiH more often, not only during the holiday season.

Despite high airport taxes on Sarajevo airport that made other low cost carriers such as Wizz Air to resign, from Air Arabia are very optimistic. Because, as they say, their interest in BiH is much bigger.

And that is, to invest in tourism in BiH, to facilitate the flow of labor force and to be the long-term example for others that it is possible to operate on this market.


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