Intensive Preparations for the Tourist Season in Bihac and the Una National Park

In the recent period, the Public Utility (PU) “Una National Park” has implemented different activities to prepare for the upcoming tourist season. The project of asphalting a part of the access road to the most attractive zone has been finished.

“Financial resources for this project were provided by the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. So, one million marks were transferred to the account of the Una National Park, while we completed all project documentation with our funds. In this phase, we asphalted a road section with a length of 5.154 meters and thus reached the very end of the necessary project of modernization and improvement of service for all visitors, ” told the director of PU “Una National Park”, Amarildo Mulic.

This phase of construction works was preceded by the construction of the water supply network from the settlement of Orasac to Strbacki buk. For the construction of the water supply system Orasac-Celije-Strbacki buk in the Una National Park, 366.000 BAM were allocated, which were provided by the FBiH Government and the City of Bihac.

At the same time, an extensive ecological action “Only a little goodwill” was organized, within which the banks and the Una riverbed were cleaned on the section Strbacki buk waterfall – Dvoslap in the length of 15 kilometers. Also, promenades and wooden fences were arranged, the access road and the surrounding area of Stari Grad in Ostrovica were cleaned, while the bridge in the settlement of Kulen Vakuf was fixed.

“Recently, we have received the ‘Star of Tourism BiH’ award by the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH for everything we do. We are extremely proud of that, but despite all the awards we will not stop. We work almost whole day and night to provide our visitors with quality and an improved offer, and to enable them to access our tourist pearl in a more modern and easier way, ” added director Mulic.

In Bihac and the Una National Park, the event “May 17th – Una River Day” was marked by many events. Ecological activities of children and city nursery schools in Bihac, Eco rafting in the Una National Park, and the traditional bicycle race “On the Paths of the Una River” were realized.

“We pedaled from the center of Bihac to Strbacki buk and enjoyed the beauty of our river. On that occasion, we gave our Una National Park the first Recro-bike station. Apart from that, there are many benefits of such a station, such as a bicycle service tool where there are small tools and air compressor that is powered by a solar panel, and also has a connection for charging mobile devices. Naturally, the goal is to develop and promote cycling tourism in our National Park,” told Adnan Mekic from the Mountain Bike Club” Daj krug “.

He also confirmed that Bihac will host the Balkan Mountain Biking Championship in August, which will be an outstanding tourist promotion of this part of BiH.

“We will host more than a hundred members of a dozen national teams, who will stay in our city for a few days. We are already preparing and arranging a bike trail on the way to Pljesevica, to the settlement of Zavalje,” added Mekic.

Numerous ecological and other actions were implemented by the Tourist Board of the City of Bihac.

“We are especially proud of our traditional Eco Regatta, in which we cleaned the shores and the river flow from Martin Brod to Bosanska Krupa from our boats. All rafters, kayakers, divers, and many citizens volunteers participated, so we once again showed how much we care about our river, ” stated Armin Amidzic, the director of the City Tourist Board.

The City Administration of Bihac also joined the intensive preparations for the upcoming tourist season with actions of cleaning and arranging city parks, promenades, and resorts in the inner city zone, as well as hiking and cycling trails, writes.


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