Which Institutions are in Charge of answering Questions from the EC?

57cd5d86-4578-4ac6-9ca5-1ecc0a0a0a64-zvizdic-718x446The Ministry of Justice is involved in responding to approximately 230 questions from the European Commission (EC). The questions involve the ones which were sent by the EC to BiH last year.

The Ministry of Justice states that the general deadline for the submission of responses of BiH is May 31st 2017.

“Since this is a very complex and extensive work, the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) has established an information system for recording the response of all the institutions involved. The deadline for the first draft of the answers is 31st January 2017. Which will be followed by further activities in their verification and translation. All the previously mentioned depends on the dynamics which will be set by DEIBiH “, announced the state Ministry of Justice.

Questions are already divided into relevant sectors and departments have already started with the writing of draft responses. Parallel with the preparation of the answers, the translation of regulations on English language has also started. Moreover, legal and expert editing will also take place and will be submitted along with the answers to certain questions.

When asked whether the coordination and cooperation with other institutions at the national or lower levels of government will be needed in order to answer questions,  the Ministry of Justice stated that the ministry has no obligation to coordinate with lower levels of government in terms of obtaining data and information for answering questions from the EC questionnaire. Additionally, Ministry concluded that the adopted coordination mechanism envisaged involvement of institutions at all levels of government in responding to the questionnaire.

“Speaking about the horizontal coordination, one can say that during the preparatory meetings organized by DEIBiH in December 2016, and after the delivery of questionnaire, a clear distinction of which institution will answer which question was stated. If necessary, the Ministry of Justice will coordinate with the institutions that are responsible for answering certain questions from the EC”, announced the Ministry of Justice.

(Source: klix)

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