Institute for Research of Genocide Canada alerted about War Criminal Cedomir Kljajic


This letter is intended to inform and alert you regarding a serious case of a suspected war criminal living in Canada, who lied about his past and his role during the war of aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s, is stated in the letter of Institute for Research of Genocide Canada.

The suspected war criminal’s name is Cedomir Kljajic, a former police inspector from Sarajevo, he was also an undersecretary for public security in Vrace and was the third person of authority in Republika Srpska Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the judgments of international and national courts, this criminal organization was responsible for organizing and carrying out of much of the ethnic cleansing campaigns and genocides committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Especially in 1992 when 70% of all war crimes were committed against the civilian population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Authorities there have accused Kljajic of fraudulently acquiring Canadian citizenship, concealing his role in the creation and operation of police forces who have committed war crimes on behalf of the self-proclaimed “Serbian Republic of BiH”.

Given his latest ruling, Kljajic could soon face deportation. Kljajic was found to have been at the forefront of police forces since April 1992, which allegedly systematically attacked non-Serb civilians in BiH. In order to obtain permanent residency in Canada in 1995 and then citizenship four years later, Kljajic provided false information about his wartime past.


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