Instead for Clothes, Graduates donate Money for ill Children

studentsGraduates of the High School Center “Pale” demonstrated their humanity because they donated funds amounting to around 15.000 BAM, intended for the purchase of expensive gowns and suits, to children suffering from leukemia.

Instead of expensive dresses and tuxedoes, majority of them wore shirts with the inscription “A Step for Life”, thus sending a message that their little step means a life to someone.

After the parade through the streets of Pale, the high school graduates celebrated their graduation night.

Director of the High School Center “Pale” Nedeljko Gazivoda said that this is the 69th generation of graduates of this center, i.e. eight departments with 188 students.

Gazivoda highlighted that this generation achieved remarkable results both in curricular and extracurricular activities, and now they showed their humane side.

“I must say that, in addition to this official graduation parade, they also organized a charity action. All eight departments raised funds for the children suffering from leukemia, Mija Torbica and Mladen Mojević,” said Gazivoda and added that their wish was to show their humane side.

Gazivoda said that the graduates also have respect for diversity because one part of graduates, although they participated in the charity action, wore gowns and suits.

“We respect their attitudes and we supported them in their decision. We hope that this will become a tradition,” said Gazivoda, adding that this was a blend of youth, beauty and humanity.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: klix.ba)

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