Installation of the first Cabin on the newly constructed Gondola on Jahorina Mountain


The installation of the first cabin on the newly constructed gondola on Jahorina was completed yesterday. A video showing the installation of the first cabin was posted by travel agency Jahorina Prestige on their Youtube channel.

It is a cabin gondola whose spectacular opening, as recently announced, is scheduled for November 30th  at the Olympic mountain Jahorina.

‘’At a recently held presentation in Novi Sad, it was said that the gondola would have 36 cabins,’’ as BiznisInfo recalls.

The 1.100-meter gondola also has one VIP cabin which is adapted for special occasions, with a total capacity of 2.700 skiers per hour.

This eight million euro investment will eliminate the crowds of skiers in the winter touristic season, there will be more space at the central mountain trails, and it will be available when other installations are not ready due to bad weather.



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