An Innovator from Bihac constructed a unique Beehive

Iso Aziraj is a successful innovator and bee keeper from Bihać. He created the first digital machine for extracting a bee’s venom, which is his primary product, according to TVUsk.

Besides that, he constructed a beehive, which for now no one in the world has. He uses it to extract all that a bee can produce in a season.

Neighboring states have shown great interest for his innovations in the bee business.

The technology which Iso Aziraj uses has increased the production of his bees by at least 40%.

Besides that, it’s now possible for a bee keeper to use one beehive for nine bee products in a season, while the tenth – inhalation – is used by the bees in the process.

However, his production is based on extracting bees’ venom, which is used in the production of cures and which is in high demand on the world market. For this, he uses his own electronic machine.

From one hive, he gets up to 15 grams of this product, which is three times more than before he used his new technology. In order to further develop the bee business, he invented the bee hives which he called ISO 1 and ISO 2.

The new technology still isn’t used in the world market.

It’s important to note that Iso Aziraj with his inventions was present at the largest bee symposium in the region, which is held each year in Bjelovar. All those present were amazed. There, he created many contacts with Croatian bee keepers, which are ordering his products.

These days, even Macedonians visited our domestic bee keeper/innovator so they could discuss the idea of “professional bee keeping”.

Croatian and Slovenian bee keepers have shown the most interest in these inventions. In the near future, Aziraj says, we can expect their use all across the world.

(Source: Akta.ba)

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