Special LED Lighting as Innovation on BH Roads

LED Vision Company from Lukavac, a producer of LED lighting, expanded the range of their products with a very interesting new product. It is a traffic sign which, at the same time, has the role of lighting up the pedestrian crossing in contrast to the illumination of street lighting.

“In co-operation with the Finnish company, which is specialized in LED lighting solutions, we managed to design a lamp that will illuminate the pedestrian crossing area. In this way, traffic participants will have more visibility and security,” said the director, Zlatan Imamovic.

They added that the product also has additional options of auto power on / off as well as the ability to be connected to the traffic light.

“The traffic sign fulfills all the standards and requirements of public lighting. During the next 30 days, the first traffic sign of this kind will be set up in Lukavac, and BiH. With the introduction of new LED chip versions and increasing level of power consumption, our lamps now deliver up to 30 % more light,” as noted by the company “LED Vision”.

They also noted that they have invested a lot in the development of the plant, the procurement of machines and tools and the improvement of the quality of production process in order to implement the ISO 9001-2015 standard. Every stage of production is checked and documented in order for the product to be functional without maintenance even after 20 years. They are planning to expand the production soon, which will create the conditions for employment of 10 more workers.

Next year, they are planning to participate in the largest lighting and LED technology fair that will take place in Frankfurt. For this fair, you need to have all European certificates and product attestations just to apply for participation. Eco-Project “ArcelorMittal” by “ArcelorMittal” Zenica decided to save energy by replacing industrial lighting with more economical LED lighting. After public tenders and meetings,  BH company “Luminos” from Sarajevo was elected to realize the project. They will replace the lamps with LED lamps by 100 % BH brand Luminos Premium, whose manufacturer is “LED Vision” from Lukavac.

(Source: akta.ba)

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