Initiative for the Construction of a Monument for 3,176 Victims from Prijedor started

Forty-nine-year-old Mirsad Causevic, one of the 1,500 people from Prijedor who are living in Chicago, started the initiative for the construction of a monument that would serve as a reminder of the victims of Prijedor.

This successful businessman is also the author of the book “Death in the White House”, which is a testimony of people who survived the hell in the detention camps of “Omarska” and “Manjaca”, where he was detained himself.

“I witnessed great suffering of Bosniaks and Croats in Prijedor and surrounding area during the aggression on BiH. I survived all possible kinds of torture during my detention in camps “Omarska” and “Manjaca.” I was detained for more than five months and I am still suffering from trauma from the camp. However, my sad story does not end with my own experience, but it also carries the tremendous pain of lost brothers. My two brothers were killed during the aggression on BiH, and one of them is still missing. I managed to become stronger and more successful despite all the traumas I went through, and I persisted in the fight for justice and truth for all innocent victims. The book “Death in the White House” came as a result of all of that,” said Mirsad Causevic.

He published the biographical book “Death in the White House” a year ago, and he tried to describe all the pain and suffering that the people of Prijedor went through during these horrible events.

“I want to speak to all the relevant institutions, political organizations, and government representatives in BiH, who might have at least some influence on setting up a monument on the place where it belongs, in Prijedor. It is about time to pay the tribute to victims of Prijedor, as well as of all the other cities, and to allow the construction of monument for innocent civil victims regardless of their religion. If we do not build it, then it is like these 3,176 victims from Prijedor never existed,” said Causevic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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