Informative Boards Presenting the Meaning and History of Street Names in Baščaršija

Bascarsija_squareThe ceremony of the official presentation of informative boards on origins of street names of Baščaršija will be held on 21 November in Sarajevo. The streets of Baščaršija have the names of traditional crafts and craftsmen, who have worked there, and many of them still work there.

This activity is initiated and implemented by ZUP Baščaršija with the support of Municipality Stari Grad, USAID-SIDA project and Sarajevo Navigator. The purpose of this activity is in the area of Municipality Stari Grad to improve the touristic signalization related to the cultural and historical heritage of Baščaršija.

The newly added information boards will provide informations on names of the streets in Baščaršija as well as traditional handicrafts skills generated there and in this way many doubts will be dispelled about the origins of certain products that can be found in this location. These boards will contain QR Codes (Quick Response Code) that will inform tourists in several languages.

(Source: Fena)

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