Informational Table on Streets of Sarajevo’s Baščaršija

INFORMATIVNE TABLE NA ULICAMA SARAJEVSKE BAŠÈARŠIJEThe first information board about the origin of the streets of Sarajevo’s Baščaršija was put up today in this historical city zone, and around 200 plaques will be set up as part of this project.

The purpose of the inscription on the boards is so visitors of Baščaršija can be informed of the names of streets and of the traditional craft skills that are located in this area, and which will eliminate many doubts on the origin of certain products that can be found here.

The activity was initiated and implemented by representatives of the improved business Zone (ZUP) Baščaršija with the support of municipality Stari Grad, USAID-Sida FIRMA project and Sarajevo Navigator. The goal is to improve tourist signs in the area of municipality Stari Grad that are related to specific elements and the cultural and historical heritage of Baščaršija.

The tables contain Quick Response Code, where updated tourist information will be available in various languages.

(Source: Fena)

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