“Infinity” Collection by BH Designer Belma Tvico presented in Sarajevo

The new collection “Infinity” by BH designer Belma Tvico-Stambol was presented in the gallery Java. This collection attracted a lot of attention at this year’s Paris Fashion Week and received very good reactions.

Hypnotic prints and feminine shapes of this collection are following the shape of the body. The statement pieces in this collection are feminine dresses, flowy pants that can be styled on numerous different occasions, bomber jackets with funky prints and business suits in bold colors for a modern confident woman. This collection represents a blend of architecture and modern art.

“A lady wearing the design by Belma Tvico loves timeless and sensual styles. She is bold enough to combine tailoring and casual style with a bold combination of colors such as cherry tomato, ultraviolet, spring crocus, lime punch, nude and sailor blue,” said Belma.

The French actress Julie Judd was a special guest of Belma’s showroom, and she came from Paris especially for this occasion. We had the opportunity to watch her in “Jackie”, “Don’t Panic”, “The Duchess of Langeais”, and “Head in the clouds.”

“As Julie’s and Belma’s friendship “clicked” on first and since Julie expressed a great desire to come to Sarajevo and the next Sarajevo Film Festival, we are so happy that she honored us with her presence tonight. We should also note that Julie will be wearing Belma’s creations in the future period, as well as on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival,” as announced from the PR Department of fashion brand of our designer.

(Source: klix.ba)


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