Indoor Pool to be built in Trebinje

Zatvoreni bazen Trebinje sa-c.netHydro power plants on Trebišnjica (HET) published a public tender for selection of contractor for construction of an indoor pool at the locality of Abazovina in Trebinje, for which this enterprise provided ten million BAM, confirmed yesterday the Director of HET Gordan Mišeljić.

The pool will have Olympic dimensions, 50×25 meters, as well as a small, ancillary pool, and it will be built from HET’s funds, Mišeljić announced, adding that citizens of Trebinje have been awaiting the construction of this facility for 50 years now.

Mišeljić said that the pool will be built on the basis of previously issued construction permits, right next to the existing outdoor Olympic pool “Banje”, within the sport complex “Abazovina”.

“We are ready to build the indoor pool in the ‘City of Sun’ instead of Abazovina if the Assembly of the City of Trebinje reaches one such decision,” Mišeljić stated, adding that construction of this pool will be the most significant investment of HET that will begin this year.

Mišeljić also announced the construction of a reservoir in Vrelo oko, which will improve the quality of drinking water and ensure more stable water supply for the citizens of Trebinje.

Over the past two years, HET invested all money generated from profit into investments at the territory of the eastern Herzegovina. They invested around 14 million BAM, not counting the multi-million investments in the construction of the Hydro power plant Dabar. In four years, HET invested around 42 million BAM in total.


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