Increased Influx of Citizens of Afghanistan expected in the Balkan Route

In the following period, an increased influx of migrants from Afghanistan and on the Balkan route is expected, said the director of the Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH, Slobodan Ujic.

“It is ungrateful to talk about any numbers, but due to everything we see happening in Afghanistan, it is natural that we expect an increased influx of migrants,” said Ujic.

He stated that, according to operational information, a large number of refugees are fleeing Afghanistan before the Taliban invasion and are crossing into Pakistan with the intention of reaching Turkey, and then Europe.

Ujic emphasized that the officials of the institution he heads responsibly do their job, adding that all persons who cross the border illegally and enter the territory of BiH have the same treatment, regardless of where they come from.

According to him, a large number of Afghan refugees have already crossed into Pakistan and there is no doubt that they will take the path taken by Pakistanis before them.

“As for the operation and registration of migrants, we will certainly be even more careful and, together with other security agencies, continue to act responsibly and in accordance with our competencies,” Ujic added, BHRT writes.

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