Increase in Price of Fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina


On most gas stations in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the price for gasoline and diesel fuel have been increased by five pfennigs per liter, is confirmed to Fena from the Price Department of the Federal Ministry of Trade.

The average price of BMB-95 is 1.71 BAM, and the price range from the lowest to the highest is from 1.56 BAM / l to 1.86 BAM / l. The average retail price in Federation of BiH for diesel (10ppm) is 1.66 BAM per liter, while the price range is from 1.46 BAM / l to 1.81 BAM / l.

This department reminds that all information on the prices of petroleum products at gas stations in the Federation of BiH can be monitored via the mobile application of the Federal Ministry of Trade FMT FBIH OIL INFO, which is available on the Google play store platform.

The mobile application provides all citizens with timely information on fuel prices at all gas stations in the FBIH, ranked from lowest to highest.

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