Increase in Number of blocked Accounts of Companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina


A new report on blocked accounts by the Central Bank of Bosnia-Herzegovina Unified Registry of Accounts states that at the end of December 2019, 95,256 accounts of business entities were blocked or 184 more than in the previous month.

The CBBH report also states that 51,943 companies have at least one account blocked, which is 122 more than in the previous month’s report

The new report, containing 3,811 pages, lists business entities such as businesses, shops, hair salons, gas stations, pharmacies, offices, cafes and restaurants, to various agencies, cooperatives, companies.  This list also includes coal mines, local communities, municipalities, sports associations.

In the first report of the Central Bank of BiH, published in early November 2012, the number of blocked accounts of business entities in BiH amounted to 58,038, while 35,694 firms had at least one blocked bank account.



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