Incomplete Map of BiH placed in the Park of Nations in Lisbon since 1998

April 1, 2018 11:00 AM

Since the World Expo that was held in 1998, in the Park of Nations in Lisbon is placed a map of our country next to the flag of BiH, however, the real, internationally recognized borders of our country have not been presented on it.

To be more precise, the territory of BiH is wrongly marked and cut in half. Citizens of BiH sent open letters to the Prime Minister of Portugal and requested for this mistake to be corrected, however, that was never done. Therefore, the Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo (SPUS) also decided to make a statement.

In the open letter sent to the Portuguese Embassy in BiH, the SPUS stated that the territory of BiH was wrongly marked and they requested for this mistake to be corrected through the competent authorities.

From the SPUS invited all students from our country to fight for BiH in every part of the world, and thus for the better future of its citizens. They also added that successful young people are the best ambassadors and that they should always strive to represent their country in the best way possible.





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