Inaugural Visit of the Ambassador of Croatia

ambasador_hrvatskeDeputy Chairman of B&H Council of Ministers and B&H Minister of Finance and Treasure Nikola Špirić received today the inaugural visit of the Ambassador of Croatia to B&H Ivan Del Vecchio.

Ambassador Del Vecchio handed to Špirić a letter of Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia Vesna Pusić, that confirms the participation of this country to the Forum for coordination of donors in B&H.

“Operating through this forum Croatia wants to further support the development of B&H through donations to specific projects”, said Del Vecchio.

He added that B&H is in focus of Croatian development cooperation.

Špirić thanked for the support of Croatia, not only for the future donations but also for the continuous activities of a long term development of cooperation with B&H.

The current political issues in B&H were discussed during the meeting, and interlocutors agreed that is necessary to achieve compromise solutions that would speed up B&H european integration, announced the Ministry of Finance and Treasure of B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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