In what Houses did Bosnians and Herzegovinians live in 19th Century?

In what houses did Bosnians and Herzegovinians live, what was in those houses, which tools they used to perform tasks in and out of the house, mostly made by themselves, in the 19th and early 20th century?

Director of the National Museum of BiH Mirsad Sijarić assessed that residency has not changed much since the prehistoric times. There are almost no fundamental differences, although there are more contemporary things today.

Head of the Department of Ethnology of the National Museum Nirha Efendić explained that there were four types of construction: the tower house which represents a residential-fortification facility where rich landowners resided, and other three types of houses which represented the residential architecture of rural population (pile dwellings, stone houses, čardaklija)

In four units, the exhibition features models of houses made after authentic residential facilities and that represent models of an extended residential complex, i.e. the main building, extra residential facilities, interior decoration of the residential space and a part of movables such as lawn mowing equipment, rugs, vats, treasure chests, and floor cloths.

Models of houses were made after the residential architecture from the Livanjsko field, Sarajevsko field, Posavina and Herzegovina.

“In the house, there was a fireplace where a meal was cooked for numerous house members. The foundations of this house are made of stone and to this day they remained the same, ground floor has been made of clay, adobe bricks and wooden joints. The first floor had a wooden structure, and the roof was usually made of wood,” Visit BiH reports.

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