In the first Half of 2021, more Cars were seized in RS than during the whole of 2020

In six months of this year, the police in Republika Srpska (RS) seized 193 vehicles from arrogant drivers, twice as many as during the entire last year.

“In 2020, police officers temporarily seized 90 vehicles from multiple repeaters for committing the most serious traffic safety offenses, and 193 vehicles were seized in the first six months of this year,” told Mirna Miljanovic, the head of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) of RS.

Acting Deputy Director of the Traffic Safety Agency of the RS, Milija Radovic, assessed that this is an extremely good performance.

“The activity of the MIA of RS is commendable since you have some drivers who are resistant to any preventive campaigns, themessages you send them, more precisely, it does not affectthem,” Radovic explained.

According to the RS MIA data, these are drivers who continued to behave “as before” even after they were fined or when they were forbidden to drive or received penalty points.

The MIA states that their members do not confiscate vehicles from drivers due to unpaid debt, but exclusively from multiple repeaters who commit the most serious violations in the field of traffic safety.

The main goal of these activities is to improve the traffic safety situation and adequately punish multiple repeaters for the most serious violations.

It is important to mention that the record holder in arrogance is the driver who was stopped in March this year in the area under the jurisdiction of the East Sarajevo Police Administration. He had many offenses, and then it was determined that he had a debt of as much as 257.160 BAM in the register of fines and misdemeanor records, BHRT writes.


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