In 15 Days, it will be known whether there is a third Political Bloc in Republika Srpska

At a meeting at the SDP of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) headquarters yesterday, it was agreed to form two coordination teams that will work to help returnees based on the civic idea and pluralism that needs to be strengthened in Republika Srpska (RS). Conclusions have been proposed that the parties in the Federation of BiH (FBIH) will need to consider in the next 15 days, then agree and add suggestions to reach a final agreement that would be a plan of political action in the next elections in 2022, told Igor Stojanovic, a member of the SDPBiH Main Board during a TV show.

One of the plans is to get more votes in RS, around 70.000. That is eight to ten members in the RS National Assembly and two deputies in the Parliamentary Assembly.

“I think that goals should be set in relation to political life in RS. If we animate the diaspora, we could get 70.000 votes “, stated Stojanovic.

The intention is to place special emphasis on the civil state of BiH.

As he said, SDA should decide whether its priority is the state of BiH or only Bosniaks.

The RS National Assembly adopted an initiative to start talks between the FBiH and the RS on the functioning of BiH.

“I think that there should be more discussion, especially between politicians in the FBiH and the RS, in order to find a connection,” he added.

Regarding the work of the Government of the FBiH and the House of Peoples, he pointed out the following:

“I think it is clear to everyone that the FBiH Government, which has been functioning in the technical mandate for two and a half years, has not met the needs of citizens when it comes to vaccination against COVID-19. The House of Peoples of FBiH has never worked at full capacity during the past year. Why organize elections if we do not have a government which is based on the will of the citizens?”

Reconstruction of the BiH Council of Ministers is not realistic. Citizens expect a specific solution. The SDP believes a new concept should be offered in which parties talk and seek solutions.

“All policies in the region will have to cooperate. This is a significant message to BiH politicians, destruction is no longer an option. A topic such as non-paper is suitable for destructive policies. In the future, there will still be subterfuge. SDP will certainly send a clear message that there are people in BiH who believe in this country and want to build BiH. Only those who have lagged in their policies do not see that it is the future of both BiH and the region, ” Stojanovic concluded, BHRT writes.


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