Bosniak Children in Zvornik cannot learn the Bosnian language this Year as well

The impossibility of learning the Bosnian language is an old problem that is present in Liplje near Zvornik in the new school year. As a result, seven district school students did not sit in school desks yesterday, and they remain in the so-called strike until further notice.

Namely, Bosniak students in the regional school in Liplje near Zvornik did not attend classes on the first day of the new school year, and that will be the case at least until Monday. It is a so-called strike in which they are together with their parents because they are prevented from learning the Bosnian language.

“The agreement we reached with the authorities last year was not respected in the end. Namely, at the end of last school year, the students were written in their student books that they had studied the Bosnian language, while in the school books, one of the teachers, most likely under pressure, made a correction, writing that the students studied the ‘language of the Bosniak people’ “, says Muharem Sinanovic, a representative of the parents of Bosniak children, for Klix.ba.

The problem in Liplje has been going on for several years, and parents have tried unsuccessfully to solve it on several occasions. After each strike, the authorities promised that the students would study the Bosnian language, but in practice things are different.

Seven students attend classes in the regional school that belongs to the elementary school “Sveti Sava”, and Sinanovic states that by preventing the registration of the original name of the language, the authorities in Republika Srpska violate the verdicts of the Constitutional Court of BiH and the Supreme Court of Republika Srpska.

“This is just one of the problems that is present in the school where our children study. The school is hygienically unconditional due to the appearance of various bacteria, and access to the building is difficult. We have informed the authorities about everything and we hope that everything will be resolved in the end. Otherwise, our children will not attend classes “, emphasizes Sinanovic.

By the way, the burden of each previous strike was felt by the students afterwards, as they had to make up for missed classes on Saturdays.

When it comes to the current absence from classes, it was confirmed for Klix.ba that a meeting with the representatives of the management of the Elementary School “Sveti Sava” and the relevant entity ministry should be held on Monday, September 6 this year.

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