Imports of Precious Metals to Bosnia-Herzegovina almost doubled last Year


Over the past year, the demand of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina for gold, silver and other jewelry has increased almost twice compared to the previous year, and more than 22 million BAM of these precious metals has been imported.

In 2019, according to data obtained by the Capital Portal from the Indirect Taxation Authority, a total of 22.5 million BAM of precious metals was imported, of which the highest demand was for jewelry, estimated at 14.5 million BAM.

The value is followed by “scrap and fragments of precious metals” whose imports amounted to over 6 million BAM, followed by gold items imported over 985,000 BAM.

The state has earned 4.2 million BAM from the import of these precious metals in the previous year alone. In 2018, imports of silver and other jewelry were almost double, when a total of 10.2 million BAM was imported. The duties paid in 2018 on imported precious metals amounted to 2 million BAM, eKapija reports.


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