Implementation of the VAR System in the Premier League of Bosnia-Herzegovina soon?


Today, under the chairmanship of Elvedin Begic, Football Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina President, the 45th session of the Executive Board was held, attended by a member of the Mediation and Consultation Committee, Sead Kajtaz, in addition to the members of the FF BH Executive Board.

At today’s session, the following were adopted:

Proposal of the 2019 FF BH Activity Report and Draft of the FF BH Activity Plan for 2020, draft FF BH Income and Expenditure Plan for 2020, decision on appointment of technical staff for the women’s futsal national team, decision on the appointment of the head coach of the U-17 team, decision on appointment of project manager for implementation of the VAR system in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, activity plan for the appearance of the “A” national team in the play-off and competition regulations for the Regions Cup for 2020.

Also, the assembly concluded the ticket prices for play-off matches in Zenica will be WEST 30 BAM, EAST 20 BAM and NORTH/SOUTH 10 BAM each.

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