Immortelle from Herzegovina becoming a Brand

Immortelle Herzegovina bosniafarma.baThe constitutive meeting of the Group of producers and manufacturers of immortelle in FBiH was held yesterday in Mostar in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH.

President of the Chamber Marko Šantić said that during the past two years the immortelle business has gone into the wrong direction, as well as that this is the reason why the Chamber offered itself to producers and manufacturers as institutional platform. He also added that the manufacturers worked without real education and expert advice, but also uninformed about the situation on the market.

Šantić emphasized that Herzegovina has a comparative advantage when it comes to immortelle, since the scientific analyses say that the immortelle from Herzegovina is one of the best sorts of immortelle in the world. The Chamber can help the producers of immortelle to solve the problems, thus giving the production and processing of immortelle the place they deserve.

“Our current aim is to establish a registry to see how much immortelle was planted so far and what kind of seeds was used. Unfortunately, some information says that seeds are imported. The other aim is to make the immortelle from Herzegovina a brand, which is a long-term process, but the seeds have to be from Herzegovina. It depends on the people who deal with growing immortelle how successful we will be, but it also depends on us and other institutions,” Šantić said.

Producer and manufacturer of immortelle Martin Soldo from Posušje expressed satisfaction with the meeting, saying that he hopes the Group will help him place his products better. Production and processing of immortelle are great, but sale is the biggest problem, Soldo claims.

“We hope the Group will help us sell our products more easily,” said Soldo.


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