IMF: B&H Economy is Showing Signs of Recovery

IMF Greece Financial CrisisB&H economy is showing signs of recovery and exports and productions are increasing, was announced by the head of International Monetary Fund (IMF) in B&H Ron van Rooden.

Van Rooden stated that the IMF expects that the rate of growth this year to reach nearly one percent, and the continue growth in next year in accordance with the trends of Europe is projected.

B&H authorities during this year are achieving steady progress under the Stand-By Arrangement and program objectives set for the end of June are fulfilled, but significant challenges remain visible for the future, was announced in the statement.

From IMF is pointed out that is essential to ensure the economic policies remain on the right path in order to achieve the goals of the program. Also, crucial is that B&H become more attractive place for investors and opening of new working places.

IMF mission, led by Van Rooden visited Banja Luka and Sarajevo from 4th to 19th September, to discuss recent economic developments and policies in the framework of the fourth review of the StandBy Arrangement with B&H.


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