Imam from Sarajevo offered Shelter in the Mosque to Everyone

muhamed-velicImam in Sarajevo mosque Stara Breka, Muhamed Velic, invited all citizens to warm up in the upcoming period in their mosque.

He noted that his invitation is valid for all, Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Since it is extremely cold these days, just like last year, we invite people who do not have anywhere to go and keep warm, to come to the mosque on Stara Breka (Sarajevo) and we will provide them shelter from the cold. This invitation applies to everyone, whether Muslims or not, believers or not! Our mosque is warm and spacious to accommodate all the people who need warmth, peace, and security. Welcome! Our mosque is permanently open!” wrote Velic.

Temperature yesterday at 7 am: Bjelasnica -27, Kupres -20, -19 Doboj, Gorazde, Ivan-Sedlo, Sokolac -18, Jajce -17, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla -16, Bugojno, Livno -15, Zenica -14, Bijeljina, Gradacac, Srebrenica -13, Sanski Most -12, Bihac, Prijedor -10, Trebinje -9, Mostar -7 and Neum – 6 °C.

Weather in central, eastern and western parts of BiH is mostly cloudy. Wind in the majority of BiH is weak to moderate. Daytime temperatures range from -14 to -7, in the south from -5 to 1 °C.

(Source: N1)

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