Imam and the Priest gathered the young People to clean the Yard of the Mosque, they are also planning to do the same with the Church

The Youth Association “Sitnica” from Bileca and the Youth Network of the Mufti of Mostar participated in a joint action of cleaning the mosque of Hasan-pasha Predojevic. They also plan to clean up the church soon that Hasan-pasha built for his mother.

Also, they cleaned the waqf plots next to the mosque.

“This today’s gesture of our friends from the Youth Association ‘Sitnica’ and the Youth Network of the Mufti of Mostar made Bosniaks of Bileca who are abroad and in homeland happy because it happened before our great holiday Eid al-Adha. I can draw a parallel from the first years of return to today. The situation cannot be compared, there has been great progress. Religious communities have played a big role where, outside the public, religious leaders have met, talked outside of direct everyday political interests. At this local level, inconspicuous communication has done the most. This gesture is the best indicator, ” said Sadet Effendi Bilalic yesterday.

He noted that a sense of togetherness should be established between Serb and Bosniak children.

“We have a situation where after the war the Serbian child did not see the Bosniak and vice versa. We need to break down those barriers since they are artificial, political in nature. Today Milos and Huso played and socialized, like all children in the world. My colleagues from the Serbian Orthodox Church and I do not build peace on great, metaphysical stories but on simple, ordinary, and human ones, like this event today, ” he emphasized.

Priest of the Orthodox Church, Aleksandar Grcic also expressed his happiness for this act.

“It is wonderful that the Islamic Community decided to help, and gave a contribution to the arrangement of the stadium. People voluntarily organized a cleaning action, which is an amazing gesture from both sides. When they invited me to come and said that effendi would be present, I was glad. When a colleague later told me that it was initiated by our people from the settlement, I was even more pleased. It is nice and humane to behave like this,” he told, Klix.ba writes.

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