Illegal Landfill with Tons of Garbage near Bosnian National Monuments (video)

The illegal landfill appeared next to the road to the Badanj cave, which is a significant archeological site near the Herzegovinian city of Stolac and one of the first signs of civilization in Europe, as well as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The piles of rubbish are visible in a video shared by one of the residents, outraged by the government’s attitude towards nature and the monument that the country should be proud of, and the fact that the Bregava River is also endangered, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The scene recorded along the river Bregava and the road to the archeological discovery testifies to negligence.

For tourists who decide to visit this place, there will undoubtedly be a negative assessment according to which they will remember not only Stolac but also BiH, and the attitude of the governing structures, which would be unacceptable in the countries of the European Union to which BiH aspires.

It should be reminded that the Mayor of Stolac, Stjepan Boskovic, sent a request to higher levels of government to grant Stolac the status of a City due to its rich tourist offer and significant cultural and historical heritage.

The question is how the public will react to this attitude towards nature and cultural and historical heritage.

Significant archaeological heritage Badanj is a cave and a significant archeological site near the Herzegovinian town of Stolac, BiH.

Badanj Cave is located near the village of Borojevica, six kilometers west of Stolac. The cave is located in the Bregava canyon, 45 meters above the riverbed.

Here is a Paleolithic site discovered in 1976. Archaeological excavations were performed by archaeologist Đuro Basler. Studies have established that this site is from the Late Paleolithic, ie 13,000 to 12,000 BC.

A particularly significant discovery at this site is an engraved drawing in the rock, which is the oldest monument of art in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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